Nevada and Arizona Take the Plunge against Bank of America

On Friday, the Attorney Generals for both Nevada and Arizona filed suit against Bank of America, a copy of Arizona’s complaint can be seen here,  claiming the bank was slow in ramping up loss mitigation efforts and then misled homeowners with false assurances that they would not be foreclosed upon while requests for loan modifications were pending.

Bank of America’s response was nothing more than a deflection, claiming they were “disappointed” with the lawsuits as they are already in negotiations with every state Attorney General over allegations of robo-signing and general sloppiness by the Bank in handling foreclosures.

This response, of course, fails to deal with the main issue raised in the lawsuits, and that is Bank of America lied, ahem, “mislead” homeowners into the arduous process of home modification while continuing to proceed with foreclosure actions.  These suits have little to do with robo-signing and much to do with deception, fraud, and general underhanded dealings by the Bank.

This is getting serious, folks, the pendulum is starting to swing and the time to act is now.  Contact an attorney now who is versed in the nuances of foreclosure defense before these banks get another bail out and the federal government forecloses on your right to bring a lawsuit against those who harmed you.


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