Dallas Deputy Constables Suspected of Lying on Service of Court Papers

I probably sound like a broken record, but I can’t stress one point enough:  you must take control of your own housing situation and don’t rely on what anyone else tells you.

The Dallas Morning News has reported that at least 25 Dallas, Texas constables are suspected of of falsifying official documents by lying about their attempts to serve residents with notices of eviction and other civil court actions taken against them.  County officials found the discrepancies by comparing data from GPS units in all constable vehicles with official documents filled out by the deputies.

County Judge Clay Jenkins said it’s possible some people were evicted from their homes without receiving official notice.  “If you had a situation where someone never went to your house … you might have been evicted before you had the opportunity to get the money together to stay in your house,” Jenkins said. “I find that to be particularly despicable.”

I also find it despicable.  Sadly, we’ve come to expect corner-cutting out of the big banks, but you would at least expect your public officials to do their job.  I guess that’s just not always the case–at least in Dallas, Texas.  Homeowners and renters are legally entitled to notice before they can be evicted.  In many cases, this notice period gives people the chance to round up the money they need to stay in their home, or at least make alternate arrangements so their belongings aren’t literally placed on the curb. 

Getting evicted with no notice is nothing short of kicking folks while they’re already down.  It’s also illegal.  If you think you have been wrongfully evicted or foreclosed upon, I highly recommend you speak with an attorney about your rights.

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