Texas’s Proposed HB 274 “Loser Pays” Legislation Getting Second Look in Texas State Senate

Recently I wrote about the very controversial HB 274 that has made its way partially through the Texas legislature.  It had cleared the Texas House of Representatives and was sent to the Texas Senate for consideration.  It is widely believed that if the bill makes it through the legislature, it is a given that Texas governor Rick Perry will sign it.

Fortunately, the Texas Senate has put the brakes on HB 274.  In committee, the Senate took public comment on the proposed bill, which included considerable opposition from both plaintiff and defense attorneys.  It is likely that the Texas state senate will put out its own version of the bill–commonly referred to as “loser payers”–that address some of the many concerns over the fairness of HB 274.  We’ll have to wait and see what that version looks like, but you can be sure to read about the latest developments here.

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