Dallas Attorney Walker M. Duke Stops Another Foreclosure with Last Minute TRO

Chalk up another win for homeowners in Dallas, Texas.  Attorney Walker M. Duke was able to obtain a temporary restraining order stopping a foreclosure just days before the house was to go up on the auction block.  This time, it was against American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.  If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that AHMSI recently filed suit against Lender Processing Services and DocX for robosigning fraud.

The TRO stopping the foreclosure of this Dallas, Texas home was obtained in connection with a lawsuit filed against AHMSI.  Many of AHMSI’s admissions from its lawsuit against Lender Processing Services and DocX were included in this new suit (which, coincidentally, was also filed in Dallas County District Court).  The homeowner’s lawsuit included documents that were allegedly “robosigned” by Linda Green of DocX, who gained national notoriety from a 60 Minutes investigation into foreclosure fraud.

“The fact that AHMSI intended to go forward with this foreclosure, despite the mountain of evidence suggesting improper documentation and outright fraud, is mind-boggling,” said attorney Walker M. Duke, who represents the homeowners.  “It’s yet another example of how homeowners must take control of their own fate, and not simply hope that lenders will work with them,” Duke added.

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