Bank of America and Bank of New York Mellon offered loan modification with principal reduction of $35,000 to Texas Homeowners

At Duke Seth, PLLC, clients are not just the file numbers or loan numbers. We care about our clients. Mr. & Mrs. G from Amarillo, Texas engaged Duke Seth, PLLC to stop the threatened foreclosure on their house and to obtain a loan modification. A lawsuit was filed against Bank of America and Bank of New York, challenging their right to foreclose on Mr. & Mrs. G’s property, as a “Lender” by attorney Meenu Seth. Defendants removed the lawsuit from the State District Court to the Federal District Court and filed motion to dismiss, which was denied by U.S. District Court. Defendants then filed the Motion for Summary Judgment, which was also denied by the Court, which forced Bank of America and Bank of New York to consider the loan modification option seriously. Along with the ongoing litigation, attorney Meenu Seth also started the loan modification negotiations with the counsel of Bank of America and Bank of New York. After weeks of intense negotiations, Mr. & Mrs. G were offered a loan modification with a principal reduction of $35,000.00 and an interest rate of 2.5%.

Mr. & Mrs. G are now enjoying their home for three months now. Attorneys at Duke Seth, PLLC work hard for these happy endings.

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